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Michael Spinks, Austin Attorney

An experienced bankruptcy attorney providing debt relief and assistance.

Rely on an experienced bankruptcy attorney to...

Stop Creditor Harassment

As soon as you retain us we become responsible for dealing with your creditors, and creditors are forbidden by law from contacting you. We advocate for you from the first day until the case is closed and your debt is discharged.

Stop Your Debt 

A reason for filing bankruptcy is to get rid of your oppressive debt, Remember, after you file bankruptcy, you don’t owe the debts you discharged and or you owe a lot less money, and you are not in default to any creditors.

Rebuild Your Credit

In order to reestablish your credit all you have to do is demonstrate a payment history AFTER bankruptcy. Usually, you can reestablish credit to qualify for an FHA loan for real estate in less than 24 months. For revolving credit and vehicles, it can be considerably sooner.

Protect Your Assets

Your homestead and retirement accounts, IRA, 401(k) or pension is the most valuable possession you have (other than possibly real estate). Rely on an experienced bankruptcy attorney to protect your assets.

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