What is Probate?

With a Will. The purpose of probate is to wind up the affairs of a person who has passed away.  “Wind up” means to appoint the person named in the will to serve as executor of the estate. The executor  will identify all the property and all the debts of the deceased person and then pay the bills and transfer the property according to wishes of the person who passed away, as expressed in the will (the way the deceased person wanted).

Without a Will. (called “intestate”)  If there is not will, then, the court appoints an executor who performs those activities and the property is transferred according to state law (which may not be the way the deceased person would have wanted).

There are several types of probate.  The type of probate depends on whether or not the deceased person had a will, what kind of property the deceased person owned and the debts of the deceased person.

Michael Spinks Law Firm is highly experienced in all areas of probate, having probated every kind of will and every kind of estate without a will, for twenty years.

Michael Spinks is regularly appointed by the Travis County Probate court to serve as attorney ad litem for cases where a person has passed without a will, to investigate the deceased person’s relatives and determine who inherits property according to Texas Law.

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Our probate fee is very affordable. If your loved one has passed, contact us and we will represent you in your probate matter.

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